You’ve taken the plunge and you proudly hold the title of Entrepreneur! Welcome to this grand adventure!!

This is such an exciting time! You have a fresh vision and you're ready to take the world by storm. You know you have valuable solutions for your market and want to start serving them NOW!

It's also a time filled with questions and decisions. Figuring out what to do that's going to fit your business model, your personal strengths and bring in revenue quickly is a constant juggle. Here are just a few of the basics:

  • What email platform should I use?
  • What’s a funnel?
  • Do I need SSL?
  • To blog or not to blog?
  • What are the best social media platforms for my type of business?
  • Which payment gateway is best?

The list grows by the day, I'm sure you can add much more.

This is also a crucial time to set the tone and pace for yourself as well as your prospects. I have seen many entrepreneurs get caught up in this part of the journey trying to manage everything alone. It's easy to lose some of the zest and joy that shined so brightly when they first made the decision to take this entrepreneurial leap.

You're in the perfect place to get your processes in place so as the business grows, you'll be positioned to scale up easily and with less stress and worry.

That’s where we come in.

I've got to be honest though. You're probably not ready for a full-blown Online Business Manager. You just need a little guidance to set up your strong foundation. My job is to help you sort through what you need and find the right solutions fast.

Some of the areas we can help are:

Assessment of current plans/activities

List building strategies

Website build

Content creation

Social media strategies

Networking opportunities

System Implementation

Each package is custom created for you and your business.

Schedule your compatibility call to see if we're a good fit!

One word for Teresa -- AMAZING! If you want to work with someone whom you can trust to guide you with the latest and greatest web design standards and technology, Teresa is your expert. I love her calmness, patience, knowledge, and commitment to make you look and feel good on the web.

Anita Torres

Passion Powered Consulting