Online Business Management for Busy Entrepreneurs

I’ll help you do more of what you love. Together we’ll outline your priorities and I’ll take over the things that are either slowing you down or falling through the cracks. I’ll be your secret ninja behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.

Let’s work on your business. Developing your online strategies will create momentum for growth. Insuring that all the moving parts work well means freeing you up to focus on clients and/or the aspects of your business that only you can do. Experience the results you need more quickly.

I’ll help you optimize your business so you can attract more clients and make more money. Together we’ll design your action plan to get you where you want to go. We’ll look at where you are, where you want to be and fill in the gaps to make it happen. Faster, smarter and with ease. No geek-speak, just the answers and the how-to to help you make a greater impact.

6 month commitment required
$1500/mo = 20 hours on average
I work with no more than 3 clients at a time.
Manage your existing team
Hire the necessary support team if none in place (*client expense)
Purchase the necessary support software and programs (*client expense)