First, announcement time: We’re expanding our services at The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox!

You’re the first to know. It isn’t even on the website yet!! I couldn’t wait to share it because I’ve had numerous people who have wanted to work with us in different capacities that we weren’t yet offering.

I knew I wanted to work with awesome folks like you, so I did what it took to make that happen!

I’ve spent the last year working on different certifications to better serve our clients and run my business. This has been a long time in the making! I love being an OBM but for a while now, I’ve felt that Online Business Manager doesn’t quite cover the scope of what we do or make room for other projects we would like to take on.

I’m happy to announce we are now offering Online Business Management Services, Project Management Services and Strategy & Structure Sessions.

That’s a lot of different kinds of management and you might be wondering, what’s the difference? Which do I need?

Let’s go over these three different areas so you can get crystal clear on them and which ones would support you and your business most effectively.

Full-service business management: What’s right for your business? Click To Tweet

Full-service business management: What’s right for your business?


Online Business Management

This area of business is so important, I’ve acquired two certifications: Online Business Manager and Director of Operations. As your business grows, there are so many moving parts and pieces, it’s easy to get caught up in managing everything, causing you to plateau. Finding qualified and experienced support at this level is imperative to your growth.

I’ll come alongside you and help you take inventory of where you are and where you want to be. We’ll prioritize what it’s going to take to get you there and create an action plan. Next, I’ll take that plan and implement it by delegating to a team, becoming the touchpoint with that team, and mapping out the “how” and the details of your plan. Additionally, I’ll manage the day to day operations. You are freed up to work on things that only you can do.

Who it’s for: If you already have a few team members and find yourself getting caught up in the management part, you’re ready for our Online Business Management Services! Are you stuck at a certain level, and it feels like growth has stalled? Let’s talk!


Project Management

Unlike the ongoing role of OBM or Director of Ops, this is done on a one-off basis to help you complete a big, exciting project. I’ll manage the project from pre-planning to completion, working with your team, my team or a combination of the two.

Projects we love to create:

  • Website builds and launches
  • Membership site builds and launches
  • Product creation
  • Product or service launches
  • Podcast setup and launches

Who it’s for: If you have one of these on the horizon (or if you want it to be and have no idea how to make it happen), our Project Management Services are a great resource! Typically, it is best to have a 12-week lead time at the very least to plan and successfully execute the project and meet your goals. I’d love to hear about your next project. Let’s talk!


Strategy and Structure

Perhaps you already have a team in place or you’re not quite ready for a full-fledged team. You know you still need a plan of action to focus on. Sometimes you simply need to brainstorm ideas and build out a plan to make the next big thing happen. Other times you may need to sit down and map out your priorities for the upcoming quarter or year even.

With our Strategy and Structure Sessions, here are a few of the areas we can focus on:

  • Map out your goals and priorities and create an action plan to make them a reality
  • Create KPIs
  • Determine your next best hiring decision (and create a plan to make it happen)
  • Audit your online presence and implement a plan to strengthen it

Who it’s for: Business owners who need clarity, strategy, and an outside perspective to identify their business blind spots. The results are a stronger, more purposeful impact in your market.


The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Your ally in business management

I believe in you and your business, and I know that sometimes the difference between a struggling business and a wildly successful one is a little perspective and organization.

My incredible team and I are here to support you in your business journey and help you reach your potential with your online efforts. Let us help you share your incredible gifts with the world in the most effective way possible! I’d love to talk about your needs and goals. Schedule a time for us to talk!


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