website shameWish your site was better?

Many of the people I talk to feel that way, too. In fact, I hear it a lot.

It’s okay to be unhappy with your website, but it’s not okay to let it stay that way. Avoiding it won’t help and letting it sit there, bugging you – well that’s energy you could spend on something productive!

Let’s make a deal. Let’s agree to take a few steps forward so we never have to apologize for our websites again. Deal?

End Website Shame


Ready to get started?

Grab this free report and kick website shame to the curb once and for all!


Use this simple guide to improve your website’s appearance and
End Your Website Shame!
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The good news is that a few easy-to-make changes will make a huge difference. Not just in how you feel about your site but how it works for you. And isn’t that the whole point? To have a site that you’re confident to share and brings in clients or helps you market your products and services?

My no-cost report End Website Shame! will show you a few key elements that you can add/fix or improve – most of them in just a few minutes!

Things like:

  • Getting clear about the purpose so your site visitors know exactly what actions you want them to take.
  • What to include in that always-hard-to-write “about” page. You’ll get un-stuck, I promise.
  • Social proof – what is it, how to add it and why it will work for you.
  • Site navigation explained in easy to understand terms. It’s critical that people can find what they’re looking for. It’s how you become a go-to expert!

Teresa’s depth of knowledge, practical approach, and responsiveness have been much appreciated. She makes technology a pleasant adventure with a first class ticket.” ~ Anna Harvey

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