email-marketing_reviewContrary to the doom and gloom prediction of the demise of email marketing, it is not only alive it is thriving…and that’s great news for savvy business owners! According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average of 4300% ROI for U.S. businesses and Movable Ink reports that about 65% of emails are being opened on mobile devices in the U.S.

Whether you’ve been putting off beginning to grow your list or you’ve been at it for a while, there are exciting and effective new ways to reach your audience using email marketing.  If your

When it comes to email marketing service providers, I specialize in iContact, ConvertKit and Drip.

Strategy Consult

Want to discuss your current strategy or come up with a completely new one? We’ll meet for an hour and talk through any aspects of your current campaign(s) or new ideas you have. You are welcome to pick my brain for anything else related to your email marketing efforts. Our session will be recorded for future reference.

Getting Started

I’ll get you set up in your email marketing hub and provide you with an email template to use on an ongoing basis and provide you with several videos on how to proceed.

Email Marketing Health Assessment

I will take an in depth look at your current email marketing account and provide you with a recorded and written report of recommendations to improve your email marketing efforts.


The following services have project based pricing dependent upon the size of the campaign or migration. Once the scope of the project is determined, a quote would be provided.

Campaign or Opt-In Set Up

Already have your campaign or opt-in offer flow and content figured out but the tech part of it is keeping you from getting it out to your audience? You provide the content* and I will set it all up in your email marketing account so that you can get back out there doing more income producing activities.

*While I don’t write content, I do have resources for copy writers that I can refer you to if writing content is not your strong suit.


Have you been wanting to switch to a new provider but the thought of it makes you break out in a cold sweat? Let me take care of all of the details. I’ll get you all moved over to your new email marketing hub and ready to resume operations.

Click here to schedule an appointment to discuss your migration or campaign setup project.