Remember when your mom told you it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it?

copy that convertsAs usual, she was right. The same principal is true for your website. What you say is important to be sure but how you say it (and knowing the right way to say it) is what makes the difference between a site that makes money or a site that doesn’t.

What you say explains what you do.

How you say it determines what customers do.

Learn how to write website copy that motivates your readers to take action.

We’ll cover:

  • The conversion myth (that keeps you from making progress) and why it’s okay to be picky.
  • We’ll share an easy to implement formula for connecting with your audience that you can use over and over
  • Learn how to talk the language of sales (and no, it’s not about being pushy or manipulative)
  • Make the most of your online real estate

Phyllis NicholsTeresa Cleveland

Join Phyllis Nichols and Teresa Cleveland to learn how to break through the frustration and overwhelm of writing copy/content for
your website, blog or sales page.

You’re great at what you do.
Phyllis is great at helping you sell and market what you do and what you create.
Words matter. She’ll make sure yours make the impact you need.

Once you have the words, you want to make sure they look inviting and easy to read on your page.
Teresa will share tips on appearance and formatting.

Katie Rushton

“Phyllis is great at what she does! I attended a women’s group where Phyllis shared about the importance of email marketing. She did a fabulous presentation, and it motivated me to get my monthly newsletter started. I have since hired Phyllis twice now to help me with the copy for a brochure I did for my business as well as for my website. I would highly recommend Phyllis to anyone!!”

~Katie Rushton of EffortlessStyle,

Marion LaPierre

“Technically, Teresa is brilliant and guided me in ways I was able to follow as technology can be challenging for me. She always teaches with a positive supportive style. Besides her technical knowledge, what I love and appreciate most about Teresa is her patience, empathy and compassion.”

~Marion LaPierre,

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