Teresa's advice helped to bring my webpage to a new level of quality and to improve the webpage flow and the customer's experience. She motivated me to make changes that I had procrastinated and gave me valuable tips to move forward with my webpage that I hadn't found by myself. She generously shared her knowledge, and I appreciated very much her information. I fully recommend her services.

- Nataile Jovanic,


There are so many reasons why I love working with Teresa Cleveland. I look forward to our calls every other week, however, she is there for me if I need her in between our bi-monthly calls. Teresa has great coaching experience and she is so creative. Teresa has so many great ideas that get me "jazzed up" for my next endeavor.

I also love working with Teresa because she is very patient, calm, and forgiving when I ask her the same technical questions over and over again. She is very dependable with my website and I appreciate her surprises when she creates new features on my website.

Teresa is resourceful and her newsletters are well worth the read. She genuinely wants to see me succeed and I trust her with a large part of my business.

- Annette Daly

Lifestyle Designer

As a small business owner, I find that it is absolutely essential to work with professionals in areas where I do not have knowledge or expertise. Such was the case when I started working with Teresa Cleveland to build a website for my new venture. Little did I know then, that not only would I be working with an accomplished marketing specialist and excellent web mistress, but that I had found someone that would take a personal interest in my success.

Teresa was able to make the daunting task of building a website an easy process. She skilfully guided me through each phase of its construction and provided me with invaluable information about email marketing and other ways I could drive traffic to my site.

But above all, Teresa supported me in finding my voice. As a result of her encouragement, I was finally able to articulate my message – one that I now use in all aspects of my business.

I look forward to working with Teresa for many years to come. I know my business will reap the benefits of her knowledge, skill, creativity and business savy. But perhaps more importantly, I know that I have been able to form a trusting relationship with a caring professional that will stand the test of time.

With gratitude,

Mary Murphy

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