Business Tools Tip: Why I Love Typeform


I’m always on the lookout for new tools and program that can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, work more efficiently, and make their lives easier. I get a huge kick out of playing with fun new systems, and I’m always excited when I discover a new gem! (Even if it’s just new to me. 😊)  Though…

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My Favorite Planning Tips and Resources for an Incredible Year


What’s the secret to having an amazing year?

Planning to succeed.

It sounds obvious, right? In order to succeed, you need to have a plan. You know better than to rely on luck alone.

However, way too many entrepreneurs neglect the planning step.

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Set Up for Success: What’s Your Word of the Year? Part 2


I love choosing a word of the year. Intentions and resolutions are great, but I find it really helpful to have a word or phrase on which to focus for the entire year, guiding everything I do.  

In Part 1, I shared my last phrase of the year and how it helped me step more fully into my business.  

Now let’s kick off 2019! 

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Set Up for Success: What’s Your Word of the Year? Part 1


There are tons of different ways to set goals and intentions for the new year. Some people make a list of goals or resolutions, or they just call them loose intentions. Others set a ton of goals. Some people set only a few.

You might fill out an entire planning workbook for your new year.

Or maybe you make vision boards. Another popular option is to choose a word of the year.

I do a bit of everything, but setting a word for the year is really helpful for me because it sets the tone for my entire year.

It’s easier to remember than a whole list of goals. I’m not usually a woo woo girl, but it also gives me a mantra or something to guide my thoughts and actions for the whole year.

Something as simple as that can make all the difference.

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Business Tools Tip: Why I Love Airtable


Businesses process a lot of information, and keeping all that stuff organized is a giant pain in the you-know-what.

Most business owners are forever on the quest for an easy way to organize. In the meantime, they’re often swimming through tons of pieces of content and information with no real way to keep track of it all.

That’s when things fall through the cracks!

I’m always on the lookout for amazing tools to help make my life (and the life of my clients!) easier. I’m also a techie girl, so I love playing with new programs!

One of my favorite recent finds is Airtable.

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How the Fear of Asking Holds Us Back


How often in life and business do we avoid asking for what we want or need, simply because we don’t want to bug someone? How often do we take rejection personally?  

If my son is any indication, somewhere between 6 and adulthood we learn this behavior. When we’re children, we don’t worry about bothering someone or take things personally. We don’t preface our requests. We just simply ask, the way my son asked “Hey, are we doing this or not?” 

I’ve been in business for 10 years now and I still get caught in this little snag from time to time.  

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How to Record Your Metrics So Your Business Can Thrive


I see it time and time again. Business owners want to see their businesses grow and reach their full potential, and why shouldn’t they? I see so many talented people kicking ass in their industries, but their businesses still struggle. Frankly, I resisted this for quite a while in my own business. One reason is…

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Year End Business Planning: End 2018 Right + Start 2019 Strong! 


The New Year is upon us. The years go by so fast, and so slow at the same time.

The days are long, but the years are short, right?

So much can change in a year. You might have changed a lot. You’ve probably done a lot in your business and personal life.

This is a time of reflection for most of us. A lot of us like to think about the past year and start dreaming and planning for the next one.

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Business Tools Tip: Why I love

I’ve been really into Facebook Live lately, especially for my clients. It’s so much fun to interact with your audience in real time!

Most of the time, you can only Facebook Live with a mobile device like a smartphone. If you’re doing an interview, you can only show one person at a time on the screen. As awesome as Facebook Live is, there are still somethings I wish were different, especially for business owners.

I don’t love holding my phone up or having to rig up a selfie stick to make my live broadcasts look nice and professional. I also like to interview other people on FB live, but I don’t love how it switched back and forth, only showing one of us at a time.

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Tips for Bringing Your Brick and Mortar Business Online


So, you have a successful business in the real world. That’s amazing! Building a business, online or off, takes a ton of work and dedication. Big kudos to you for taking those steps!  

Unfortunately, there are still many brick and mortar business owners that exhibit a lot of the same patterns. One HUGE mistake I see again and again is that brick and mortar business owners tend to neglect their online presence. This leaves a ton of money on the table!  

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