The Purposeful CEO

We've moved ~ and shifted!

The Entrepreneur's Toolbox is now The Purposeful CEO!

Here's how we got here~

Leading up to 2019, I started thinking about my word/theme/focus for the upcoming year and after a bit, it found me.


Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I want it to be purposeful. (you can read more about that here.)

Later in 2019, I realized I wanted to create something specifically around this idea of purposefulness. I wanted to share with other business owners ways to be purposeful in their businesses. How being purposeful could help them create sustainable, scalable, profitable companies that allowed them to make a greater impact in the world while sharing their gifts and talents. I wanted to create a community and it had a name that represented every person that would be a part of it.

The Purposeful CEO

As 4th quarter drew closer, I decided to push the ideas and projects I had in mind out another year. I made peace with that decision and moved on. Or so I thought. Within that last quarter of the year, The Purposeful CEO very unexpectedly yet effortlessly presented itself front and center in my life. It happened in a way that spoke to me and let me know that it was time.

I listened and spent the first half of this year building it out and here we are.

What's changed?

I'm still all about strategies, systems, processes, and best practices for scaling your business to make a greater impact.

The biggest change is how I work with growing CEOs. I have shifted from managing six-figure businesses to mentoring aspiring business owners in laying the foundation necessary for them to achieve that six-figure status.

You in?

I am loving this shift and look forward to connecting with all of the Purposeful CEOs that I will have the pleasure of meeting along the way. I do hope you’ll join me at The Purposeful CEO!

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